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Photoshop CS6

It’s been a while since I have devoted myself to learning a program and Adobe Photoshop has won the prize. For the rest of the semester and for as long as I work in the arts I will become well acquainted with Photoshop and will begin creating my own designs and adjusting my own photographs.

Actually, there is a detour.

Job Postings

I periodically go searching through the jobs sites to see whats out there in terms of employment. And it doesn’t matter where I look it is always the same ridiculous postings.

Someone looking for and MBA with 10plus years relevant work experience, speaks 4 languages, holds black belts in 5 disciplines, willing to travel and has their own clientele.

Starting pay: minimum wage and no benefits

This is outrageous. I am tempted to reply to one of these postings just to see if they are legitimate. Does anyone think they will get reply’s from anyone that over qualified?