Cellphone as a compter extension.

Obviously I’m writing this on my phone and can help to be amazed and greatful for this technology available to me as a consumer.

If one really thinks about it, being able to use onea phone, mobile phone that is, in parelell with ones computer is astounding and under utilized.

The best part, or funniest, is that this technology is nowhere near the best that it is. It can actually do much more.


2 thoughts on “Cellphone as a compter extension.”

  1. Cellular phone/Mobile phone of today’s offers much more capability to perform. It is often up to one’s creativity to tap it’s potential isn’t it.

    Such short sweet post but provokes so much thought!

    PS: Your opening line, shouldn’t it be “… phone and can not help to be amazed …”

    1. Thanks for making me reread it again.

      What I meant is that most of us view their cell phones as just some small device used to call or text (or something trivial).

      But when one really explores just how much is capable with this device that you hold in your hand, then one is surprised when they realize that despite the idea that most people think they know how good technology is. It’s actually better.

      Thanks for the reply,


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