First Day of Work

ImageTomorrow will be the “X”nth time in my life that I will go through the first day at work experience. Meet the manager/supervisor and my fellow co-workers for the first time as well as what will be the first of many customers and clients. Am I nervous or excited? No.

No because on my first week I can already see that I have limited hours. This means I have to pick up available shifts so I can cover my 40hr-week full-time obligation. Yet, there is no availability of extra shifts for pick up which could indicate the we may be overstaffed.  

My outlook may not be gleeful but make no mistake, I am going in with the right attitude. My perspective is that everyday is a gift and every opportunity for a new or unfamiliar experience is a blessing in disguise. With this being said you can bet that I’m still looking for work. Why? Because being underemployed and on a limited income does not make paying bills any easier nor does it help my prospects of affording transportation and an apartment.

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