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This is How I Feel

Cave 1  I’l be relaxed smiling. So long as I’m interacting with others. So long as I’m doing an activity that distracts me from myself. Sports, socializing, work, sex, gambling, smoking, drinking, fighting, working out, cooking, cleaning, packing, unpacking, rearranging furniture, shopping, driving, etc.


Log Entry: July 8, 2013

Hello fellow WordPressers. I’ve had a dry run for the past few months recently. Usually I post up about the Miami Heat kicking butt in the NBA or some new DnB mix that you need to listen too. But as of lately, as in the past year and a half to two years, I have been changing jobs, finishing, school and relocating.

Funny thing about all this is that as I have “accomplished’ each thing/phase in life, I figured I would enter into a different “stage” of my life, be it a new/real career, steady girlfriend, a decent living place with reasonable furnishings and some hobbies that would take up some of my free time.

But the truth is, there is no job/career, no girlfriend, no decent living area, no brag-worthy hobbies. The truth is, the real truth is that there is NO next level. There is no next level because life does not exist in levels.

Make no mistake…this is not some grand epiphany.

This is simply an understanding I have come to revisit time and time again. I continue to revisit because     I stray away…over and over again.


Because wtf else am I sopost to do? Granted whatever I have been doing with my life, up till now, is completely misguided. What ever ridiculous beliefs I may or may no have about life and/or society really do not matter.

What matters is…

First Day of Work

ImageTomorrow will be the “X”nth time in my life that I will go through the first day at work experience. Meet the manager/supervisor and my fellow co-workers for the first time as well as what will be the first of many customers and clients. Am I nervous or excited? No.

No because on my first week I can already see that I have limited hours. This means I have to pick up available shifts so I can cover my 40hr-week full-time obligation. Yet, there is no availability of extra shifts for pick up which could indicate the we may be overstaffed.  

My outlook may not be gleeful but make no mistake, I am going in with the right attitude. My perspective is that everyday is a gift and every opportunity for a new or unfamiliar experience is a blessing in disguise. With this being said you can bet that I’m still looking for work. Why? Because being underemployed and on a limited income does not make paying bills any easier nor does it help my prospects of affording transportation and an apartment.

Job search

Well its been quite a few weeks that I have been looking for a decent place of employment. The network is short and I’ve been doing the internet searches. I can’t be the only one looking for work but I am thinking about who sees my resumes. I have focused on mid to small size companies so I am not sure if there is a dedicated hr person in house or if one has take the responsibility themselves. In any case the search continues.


Well this is a subject of regular thought. Why? Well it’s because you have to pay the bills while you make a living for yourself.

So how does one do that?

Aside from the numerous books and “guides” that discuss it everyone has to figure that out on their own. Does that work? Maybe and maybe not, so lets take a look at it from a different angle. What obligations does one have that allow or inhibit ones ability to fully enjoy their quality of life?
Once one has pointed out their obligations/restraints/inhibitions/etc. How can one readjust those confinements into an activity of regular enjoyment. This does not necessarily mean partying all the time but figuring out what can be done regularly or even periodically without burnout and with growth?


Job Postings

I periodically go searching through the jobs sites to see whats out there in terms of employment. And it doesn’t matter where I look it is always the same ridiculous postings.

Someone looking for and MBA with 10plus years relevant work experience, speaks 4 languages, holds black belts in 5 disciplines, willing to travel and has their own clientele.

Starting pay: minimum wage and no benefits

This is outrageous. I am tempted to reply to one of these postings just to see if they are legitimate. Does anyone think they will get reply’s from anyone that over qualified?