Discipline: noun – training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental facilities or moral character.

After a google search for the definition of discipline I have come to agree with the above description from Merriam-Webster.

I admire and am fascinated with the character trait of discipline. Discipline to perform a repeated act for regular intervals for a prolonged period of time. Homework, ballet, karate, nutrition, vegetarian, style-of-dress, illustrating.

Discipline is a character requirement and maybe not a pre-requisite but a co-requisite to structure. Structure of character to plan, organize, and execute ones initiatives.

As fun as it is to right the above, orate the very essence of its meaning, meeting an attractive person with those qualities. I will personally admit that it is a quality that I lack.

I lack the discipline to get out of bed when the alarm goes off the first time. Lack the discipline to exercise in the morning, every morning. Lack the discipline to prepare a healthy meal instead of a quick snack (see also: patience).

Why is discipline so difficult for one to attain. After-all, it is within our grasp (exclude: addict). Every evening I go to bed telling myself that I will rise as soon as the morning alarm goes off and every morning I hit snooze repeatedly until I roll off of bed an hour later. Every new year’s holiday we have millions of people declare that they will lose weight, quit smoking, improve upon a skill, strive for a goal not yet achieved from starting ones own business to quitting ones job and traveling the world.
It’s the effort that holds one back. Or rather lack of effort. In other words…comfort. The comfort of being miserable, stale, lazy, being the all knowing of the familiar.
Yet we are all honest about the dislike of our very reflection. And we stand tall and voice aloud to our friends and family that things are going to change…tomorrow.

(see also: procrastination)

Calyx & Teebee – Confession

Confession by Calyx & Teebee is a well paced DnB track. Has a solid groove, added synth for abeyance and easy on the samples. Great addition to anyone’s DnB mix set. {{{BOOM}}}

Komplex Therapy Dark Drum N Bass Mix

On Deck: Komplex Theory

Track list (copied from youtube):

Starts busy

1.Body and Soul Vs Fourward – Authority
2.Lomax – Jungle FX

Then gets into a rhythm.
3.Ed Rush and Optical – Bacteria (Pendulum remix)
4.Noisia and Phace – Thrillseekers

The build up and then…{{{BOOM}}}

5.State of Mind – Real McCoy (Black Sun Empire remix)


Sick mix!!




This is one of the nuggets/easter eggs I come across on the net(youtube). It reminds me of the napster days when floating around the internet brought you face-to-face with music one couldn’t find anywhere else. DNB is another good spot to check out.


PS:┬áService Space satellites shoulder rocket lights, alien observation civilization and other background lyrics…coming in… coming in. Eksman+Shaba with DJ Hype on deck.