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Driving with a Busted Tail-light

Who are you? Who am I?
It’s is always a conversation with ourselves.
(two maybe three people…or four)
We don’t always know because we have to decide.

What world do we live in. Is it the same rules, parameters, as others?

It is like being lost and finding direction at the same time.

Guidance (if you will)

Log Entry: July 8, 2013

Hello fellow WordPressers. I’ve had a dry run for the past few months recently. Usually I post up about the Miami Heat kicking butt in the NBA or some new DnB mix that you need to listen too. But as of lately, as in the past year and a half to two years, I have been changing jobs, finishing, school and relocating.

Funny thing about all this is that as I have “accomplished’ each thing/phase in life, I figured I would enter into a different “stage” of my life, be it a new/real career, steady girlfriend, a decent living place with reasonable furnishings and some hobbies that would take up some of my free time.

But the truth is, there is no job/career, no girlfriend, no decent living area, no brag-worthy hobbies. The truth is, the real truth is that there is NO next level. There is no next level because life does not exist in levels.

Make no mistake…this is not some grand epiphany.

This is simply an understanding I have come to revisit time and time again. I continue to revisit because     I stray away…over and over again.


Because wtf else am I sopost to do? Granted whatever I have been doing with my life, up till now, is completely misguided. What ever ridiculous beliefs I may or may no have about life and/or society really do not matter.

What matters is…

Cellphone as a compter extension.

Obviously I’m writing this on my phone and can help to be amazed and greatful for this technology available to me as a consumer.

If one really thinks about it, being able to use onea phone, mobile phone that is, in parelell with ones computer is astounding and under utilized.

The best part, or funniest, is that this technology is nowhere near the best that it is. It can actually do much more.