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Driving with a Busted Tail-light

Who are you? Who am I?
It’s is always a conversation with ourselves.
(two maybe three people…or four)
We don’t always know because we have to decide.

What world do we live in. Is it the same rules, parameters, as others?

It is like being lost and finding direction at the same time.

Guidance (if you will)


I love music. Nothing like listening to music when you are trying to think. Now I have Juicy via Biggie play and I’m picturing where i’m going. It may sound certain but it’s because I do not see myself going anywhere else.

Nothing unrealistic just perusing what I value. Life style, quality of life, paying expenses of sorts, etc. It’s do able and I get closer to it every second.

What do you value?

Is it worth spending the rest of your life perusing? For yourself and others?

I Hope so.