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  Nothing beats walking from one place to another. Specifically, that means leaving ones home and going to the park, gym or grocery store without ever having to drive a car of motorbike. This is a very under utilized element to urban development. 

 Existing infrastructure can make efficient public transit challenging but not impossible. As a start look at existing paths of traffic. What directions they go to, what time and volume. After planning build a basic skeleton rail line with periodic additions to that line. Electromagnetic powered rails that are charged via solar power. 

This does a few things:

First the recruiting of engineers will rise as they are always looking for a challenge to flex their mental muscle, given that legal restraints are put aside.

Second the hiring of construction workers to move and manage all this equipment will increase employment.

Third giving a facelift to a city will add to its character and its livability. Not just to the exist population but to visiting tourists a well.

Outlines and details to follow.