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I think about how long it’s been since the past and how I ended up here. Funny thing is I didn’t particularly like the past.

What used to be about “How am I going to start my life?” has turned to “How am I going to keep starting my life over?”.

I’m ____.

After hiatus

After spending much time transitioning from one location to another and one “lifestyle” to a new one it’s as if everything has changed. Well the truth is I have not completely changed but am currently changing. Everything and everyone else has moved on which is fine. It’s just seeing things after some time off is different, like everything is new.

managing  myself will be a new experience and a much needed one cause the way I handled things before didn’t workout to my liking. I just have to remember to take things one step at a time and manage myself in small ways. If I do that I’ll be fine, which may sound obvious but like I said the way I “handled” myself before was not too productive.