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Driving on the highway, route ###; turning onto a lane, a semi truck passes me and side swipes the car.
The car spins around~

Hearing the engine next to my head, the [truck] tires rolling over the hood, metal scraping against metal, the end of the trailer {bang} into another spin that sends me off the highway onto a ditch.
The world stops moving; everything goes quiet. The only sound I hear is the “coughing” of the engine. A cool gentle breeze crosses my face as I look out onto the lake… and I see the morning sky as I over look the ice.

Lake Froze n Morning




Paint Our Face

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnKL1FzZ4kg It’s dark here… We meet…become a set; we are us~ Dance with our shadow~ …all we can do, Is paint our face.   3think