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I think about how long it’s been since the past and how I ended up here. Funny thing is I didn’t particularly like the past.

What used to be about “How am I going to start my life?” has turned to “How am I going to keep starting my life over?”.

I’m ____.

Running through the dark


Hunting for what remains/reminds me. Remains/Reminds me of _____…

And just when I think I found what I’ve [we] been looking for, It’s gone.

Roof top to roof top.

Peering over the allies. Searching, looking, hunting. For what reminds me of…[remains]…

There it is…ripped to pieces… shreds… it’s gone.

What’s that?!

From tree to tree, faster and faster

Deep in the forest. Through the allies and narrow streets.

Faster and faster.

Searching, hunting.

Deeper and deeper.


(writings are on past reflections 2/10/2008)