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Teebee – Uneasy

Teebee – Uneasy

Here is the track Uneasy from Teebee. It is a 6 minute piece that can be used as a Middle – 8 to your DnB mix before your collapse or next section (A,B, C or whatever). It has a steady rythme with some light samples that makes itsĀ ambiance/feel very groovy.

New Muzik

Or New Music to me is what it is. Before I go on I just have to mention that I, of course, got this on pandora. Probably the greatest website in recent memory.
Devine & Emily Play are two break-dj’s from Florida. I have never heard them until a few weeks ago while jamming out to pandora and it is great. I created a new station under them and found some other great artist that I have never heard of before. Trile Agent and Frakture for example. They are not new, just new to me.

Keep it coming Pandora!