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As I cruise down romance highway I feel myself making swurves, as in moving in a lane  like driving.

Nothing against swurves, they are inevitable. It’s the changing of direction that takes focus and practice.

Through the Block

I feel the air…cool and thin as I pass through it, humidity high with moisture collecting on the walls.

The sun adds layers of warmth upon my skin with the scent/taste of citrus in the air.Image

Driving with a Busted Tail-light

Who are you? Who am I?
It’s is always a conversation with ourselves.
(two maybe three people…or four)
We don’t always know because we have to decide.

What world do we live in. Is it the same rules, parameters, as others?

It is like being lost and finding direction at the same time.

Guidance (if you will)

This is How I Feel

Cave 1¬† I’l be relaxed smiling. So long as I’m interacting with others. So long as I’m doing an activity that distracts me from myself. Sports, socializing, work, sex, gambling, smoking, drinking, fighting, working out, cooking, cleaning, packing, unpacking, rearranging furniture, shopping, driving, etc.