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Teebee – Uneasy

Teebee – Uneasy

Here is the track Uneasy from Teebee. It is a 6 minute piece that can be used as a Middle Р8 to your DnB mix before your collapse or next section (A,B, C or whatever). It has a steady rythme with some light samples that makes its ambiance/feel very groovy.


This is one of the nuggets/easter eggs I come across on the net(youtube). It reminds me of the napster days when floating around the internet brought you face-to-face with music one couldn’t find anywhere else. DNB forum.com is another good spot to check out.


PS:¬†Service Space satellites shoulder rocket lights, alien observation civilization and other background lyrics…coming in… coming in. Eksman+Shaba with DJ Hype on deck.