Law School… maybe not

So I’m awaiting my results for the lsat so I can complete my application and send it through. But and here is the but, its possible that I won’t get in. Is it the end of the world? No. But it will be a change in direction with my life and if thats the case then I will do something completely different.

Different than from the past work experiences is obvious and thats not what I’m talking about. What I mean is an entirely unorthodox approach to work/career and life because i’ve bent employed for over a decade and I am completely over it. I take no satisfaction in the system and its sad that few people ever become aware of it.

So how will I pay the bills? With money obviously but i’m more ambitious and respect myself way too much to have some crappy, lame, boring, routine, unfulfilling job that will waste away a quarter of my life.

So what will I do? Honestly I don’t have an answer for that now but it is looming on the horizon. So be it, I’m not afraid. In fact I welcome the new and open experience with no expectations and no guide.

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